Summer Class Schedule

June 17 - August 29, 2019

There are 11 weekly camps throughout the summer. 

Each camp is 4 days each week, Monday - Thursday.

Week   1: June 17-20                        Week   2: June 24-27                        

Week   3: July 1-3 *                            Week   4: July 8-11                            Week   5: July 15-18                          Week   6: July 22-25

Week   7: Jul 29-Aug 1

Week   8: August 5-8

Week   9: August 12-15

Week 10: August 19-22

Week 11: August 26-29

*This is the only session that is prorated due to the holiday.

                            ON-LINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED by

  clicking the "Register" button in the class descriptions  below.      


  • Register for class by choosing the appropriate class and then clicking "Register".

  • All sessions in the summer are by the week and can not be pro-rated without permission by the Tennis Director.

  • You MUST register for each session online.  There are no exceptions.  If you do not register and you show up and there is not room in the class, you may not be allowed to participate as space is limited. 

  • You may withdraw from class online or at the office if 48 hours in advance for a credit to your account for a future session.

  • Classes are designed to be skill based with the age description as a guideline.  Classes subject to change. 


Junior Class Descriptions

Little Tennis (Red & Orange Ball): Ages 5-11

$40 members / $56 non-members (per week)

8:30-9:30 am            Monday-Thursday

This program introduces the foundational skills of tennis with a low compression ball on a smaller court. Players learn basic rally, serve and net play skills along with activities that build tennis specific coordination. Rules of play and Good Sport behaviors are introduced and reinforced.   

Max 18 players per session.

Beginner (Orange Dot Ball): Ages 7-12

$40 members / $56 non-members (per week)

8:30-9:30 am            Monday-Thursday

This program is played on a ¾ size court and uses a low compression ball.  Players learn how to serve, rally, score and play at the net. As they progress, they will learn to maintain a rally when receiving more challenging shots, serve with improved placement, approach the net, and place volleys. Good Sport behaviors are reinforced.  

Max 18 players per session.

Intermediate (Green Dot & Yellow Ball): Ages 8-14

$80 members / $112 non-members (per week)

​9:30-11:30 am            Monday-Thursday

Players learn to serve, rally, score and play at net in singles and doubles on a regulation  sized  court  with  a  low compression  transition  ball  or  a regulation  ball.    As  they  progress,  players  learn  to rally  with  improved directions  and  height  control,  return  serves, and approach and play net with volleys  and  overheads.  Good  Sport  behaviors are reinforced.

Max 24 players per session.

Advanced (Yellow Ball): Ages 12-19

$80 members / $112 non-members (per week)

​9:30-11:30 am            Monday-Thursday

This class is for the junior competing in high  school  tennis  and/or  advanced  tournaments.  Drills will be designed to develop  strategy  and  mental  toughness for singles and doubles, with a  focus  on  stroke  refinement  and  execution.  Good  Sport  behaviors  are reinforced.

Max 24 players per session.

Private Small Groups

Tennis or Pickleball

4 players per group.

Have Len set up a group for you or you can decide who you would like in your group.

Contact Len Spencer for more information or to schedule.

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